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Guaranteed Sales Program

Bursting at the Seams?
We have the solution!

With the guarantee sales program, you will:

• be able to qualify for a mortgage to build your new house.
• feel secure in knowing you can move into your new Mason Martin Home with your existing home sold.
• know that your current home will be aggressively marketed to sell for top market value before your move in date.
• be able to unlock the equity in your home. No need for a large cash down payment or deposit to begin construction.

Here’s how it works:

You will receive a free in-home evaluation from our independent licensed realtor. Upon your approval to the details of the guaranteed purchase of your current property, our realtor will begin to market and sell your home for top market value.

Meanwhile, the construction process has already begun on your brand new Mason Martin Home. If for whatever reason your current home does not sell before the completion of your brand new Mason Martin Home, you will move into your new home and we will purchase your current home from you, no questions asked.



Special thanks for your hard work on getting me in on time. My new place is great and I truly appreciate your efforts.

— Deb